Having a befriender has helped me have time away from home, try new thing and helped me see what’s important. I know my befriender will be there for me.

I started with the Moorings Project just before leaving primary school. It has been reassuring to know you have someone outside the family to discuss your problems with and to meet others in similar situations. I am becoming more confident, I still have a long way to go but I am getting there thanks to all the support I had from the Bexley Moorings.

The service was just what my daughter needed. Very impressed with the support provided by staff and volunteers.

My son has become more relaxed and confident in situations at home and school since joining the Bexley Moorings Project Monday group. He recognises when he is feeling frustrated and now has the confidence to approach a teacher.

I can’t believe the change in my son, I really can’t. He appears to be extremely confident, chatty and totally happy. He came on the 10 week programme with Adam and Paola and that in itself really brought him out of his shell. I’ve even had friends and family saying how different it is. He used to be quite withdrawn until his time on the programme. I didn’t think he would improve on that as much as he has. He is now in a place I never thought he would be.