Referral Criteria

Referral Criteria

Before making a referral, please read the appropriate referral criteria below:

Young Carers Service

Young carers are children and young people under the age of 18, who care for someone who is affected by a long term illness, disability, mental health problems or alcohol or substance misuse.

The aim of Bexley Moorings Young Carers Service is to support these young people by providing the following:

  • Opportunities to talk to someone who will listen
  • Opportunities to meet with other young carers
  • Information and help to access services that could help their family
  • Opportunities to have fun and enjoy age appropriate activities

Bexley Moorings Young Carers Service can offer the following:

  • Weekly young carers club (school term time only)
  • One to one befriending service
  • Newsletters
  • Raising awareness in schools
  • Information for families
  • Activities
  • Open referral system

Weekly young carers club: Thursdays (school term time only) 5.30pm – 7pm
Cost: £2 per week
Age criteria: 8 – 17 years


Bexley Moorings Project offers support to young people over 8 years who are isolated and vulnerable and could benefit from a positive adult role model. This project is aimed at early intervention and those who are willing to engage. The service is supported by volunteers who meet the young person for a few hours a week to offer the provision detailed below.

One to one personalised intensive befriending interventions consisting of listening support, positive role modelling and behaviour management.

  • Based on a time limited, solution focussed model, with measurable objectives
  • Early transition into universal services

Flexibility will remain for those who require longer intervention but a four month intervention will be the norm.

The volunteers are supported by a member of the staff team through supervision.

Flexible service around young person and volunteer

No cost to client but has to commit to working towards agreed targets they have set.

JOURNEY 10 Programme

Journey 10 is a ten week rolling programme that helps 15 young people at a time who are low in confidence, isolated, and have low level behavioural problems.

The programme is about offering positive activities and life skills that will help us raise confidence, challenge behaviour and create a base for the young people to move on to a universal youth club, scouts or sports club etc.

We run a 2 week assessment before the ten week programme starts.

If the young person misses two weeks their place may no longer be available to them.

Journey 10 runs on a Monday evening.

A waiting list is operated for those referred midway through the programme.

Age range: 8 -17 years
Times: 7.00 pm – 8.45 pm
Cost: £1.50 per week

Youth Inclusion Programme

A joint programme with the Integrated Youth Services supporting young people in the north of the Borough who have come to notice due to risk taking behaviour possibly including notification to the Youth Offending Team.

Sessions provide an understanding of keeping yourself safe, positive behaviour and information sessions on risks of substance misuse and risk of violence.

10 – 13 year olds
20 Week programme
Welling Youth Centre
Thursday evening 5 – 8m

10 Week Programme
Link Thamesmead
Saturday 10 am till 1 pm

Referrals are through the YOT Triage system, other statutory providers concerned about risk taking and also through the two agencies and their involvement with young people.

Young Adult Carers

This service is for those 18 – 25 year olds who have caring responsibilities for someone who is affected by a long term illness, disability, mental health problems or alcohol or substance misuse.

The aim of the Young Adults Carers Service is to offer the following:

  • Opportunities to meet with other young adult carers
  • Support to access either job or education opportunities
  • Support for families in accessing services which may help the families
  • One to one support
  • Self-referrals accepted