Volunteers screened and trained by us meet the young person for a few hours per week. Staff meet volunteers regularly to oversee the process.

Befriending provides one-to-one intensive support, including listening and help with behaviour management. It also offers the child a positive adult role model.

  • The young person has someone to discuss problems with who can encourage them to try new activities and build up their confidence
  • Is based on a time limited, solution focussed model-with measurable objectives
  • Assists transition into universal services
  • Is flexible for those requiring help for longer but normally lasts about four months

Sam is 12 and lives with his mother who has had several violent partners. He witnessed violence towrards his mother and his older brother has been violent towards Sam and their other siblings. He was referred to us suffering anxiety and panic, was not doing anything in his spare time and was reported to be getting angry at home, being spiteful to younger siblings. Since meeting with his befriender, Sam has enjoyed cycling, started going out with friends and his behaviour at home has improved.